Faculty and Staff

Principal: Mrs. A Murphy  – allison.murphy@sfc-ca.net
Assistant Principal / Pre-K for All Director – Mr. T. Gely – timothy.gely@sfc-ca.net

Grade 8: Mr. Ryan Kwon – ryan.kwon@sfc-ca.net
Grade 7: Ms. A. Koroma – augusta.koroma@sfc-ca.net
Grade 6: Ms. N. Barker – nina.barker@sfc-ca.net
Grade 5: Mr. M. Carroll – mark.carroll@sfc-ca.net
Grade 5/6/7/8 Religion & Art: Ms. A. Pesantes – andreina.pesantes@sfc-ca.net
Grade 4: Ms. L. Cruz – lourdes.cruz@sfc-ca.net
Grade 3: Ms. N. Cox – nancy.cox@sfc-ca.net
Grade 2: Ms. K. O’Reagan – Karena.OReagan@sfc-ca.net
Grade 1: Ms. L. Forgione – lauren.forgione@sfc-ca.net
Kindergarten: Ms. D. Mixson – dontrice.holtmixson@sfc-ca.net
Pre-Kindergarten 1: Ms. J. Nieva – janine.nieva@sfc-ca.net
Pre-Kindergarten 2:  Ms. Fernandez – bonita.fernandez@sfc-ca.net
Nursery: Ms. G. Alestra – gabriella.alestra@sfc-ca.net

Pre-Kindergarten 1: Mrs. E. Illa & Mrs. Y. Perez
Pre-Kindergarten 2: Ms. F. Mendieta, Mrs. Piedad Gomez, & Ms. Nael Genao 

Response To Intervention – RTI – Ms. S. Carvajal – sandra.carvajal@sfc-ca.net

Special Subject Teachers
Physical Education: Mr. M. Ficco – mike.ficco@sfc-ca.net
Education Through Music – Mr. Chris Celiz
Spanish – Ms. Gil

Administrative Staff
Mr. L. Nazario – lenny.nazario@sfc-ca.net
Ms. E. Soto – elvia.soto@sfc-ca.net

Director of After-School Program: Ms. F. Mendieta – fanny.mendieta@sfc-ca.net

Tuition: Mrs. Crifasi

Student Services
Guidance Counselor: Ms. T. Chapman
Title 1 Reading: Mrs. J. Mann
Title 1 Math: Ms. T. Gillan
Title 1 ESL: Mrs. A. Jacobsen
SETTS Teacher:
Speech Teacher: Ms. T. Christodoulou 

Food Service: Ms. Alice

Food Service: Mr. Lopez

Building Management
Custodian: Mr. Thompson